A record

Last year I decided to cycle to work once a week (20km/12miles each way) to get fit, as a method to lose weight and to save money by not using petrol.  Google maps calculates that a round trip using my most frequent route to travel to work by car would cost £4.50.  I’ve used that and my history from Endomondo to come up with the following statistics:

I made 46 trips to work & back last year-that’s 1840km & a saving of £207.

Subtract the cost of the 2nd hand bike, new tyres, bottom bracket, a couple of tools, new lights & mud guards, I am still ~£100 in the black.

A quick glance at the “Cycling-Transport” category of Endomondo shows that I clocked up 2149km.  I got bored with the quickest route fairly quick and planned longer, more scenic routes to avoid motorised traffic as I acquired more stamina.  I ended the summer clocking 50km round trips to work, often twice a week.  I also get on the bike now to go to the supermarket for small items killing 2 birds with one stone-clocking up more km & saving on the extortionate cost of petrol in the UK.  I log these trips as “transport” trips as I am using my bike rather than the car.

I would try to travel to work more than twice a week but 3 things stop me.

  1. I work full time but condense my hours into 4 days per week
  2. I’m scared of falling out of love with cycling if I use it as a necessity rather than for enjoyment
  3. Twice per week I take my boys (5&8) to or collect them from school.

We live 7km from school so biking there and back for them is not currently an option (but I’m working on it!)

In total for cycling last year I clocked:

  • 2149km “transport”
  • 1508km “sport” – usually my Monday rides-there is no “fun” category on Endomondo
  • 208km “mountain biking” – not strictly mountain biking, more flat(ish) off road trail biking but once again Endomondo has no category for this.

That’s 3866km cycling that I was hoping to better this year by cracking 5000km.  So far a 3rd of the year has passed by & I’ve not quite done 1000km.

Why am I writing this?  Mainly as a place to record the figures but also motivation-its time to get cracking…..

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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