Fair Weather

You’re late Spring but welcome, I’ve missed you

I’ve been ignoring my blog which I started with great enthusiasm last year.  It was partly due to work getting I the way and partly nothing to write about. After struggling to get into the rhythm of it last spring, I decided to get tights and gloves & cycle over the winter to stay in shape.

It’s fair to say that after this crappy northern hemisphere winter that I am a fair weather cyclist.  In Oct/Nov when the days got shorter & cooler the novelty of riding in the dark, the exhilaration of riding in fog with 10m visibility along unlit country lanes gave way to cold digits, slow times and general misery on the bike.  I struggled to rack up 100km a month compared to the 400km the previous summer and stopped riding to work altogether Dec-March.

Even March, the month that I targeted to start riding into work again was a disaster.  The weather was mostly dry but freezing.  Not quite as bad as others have reported elsewhere but pretty bloody miserable.  On March 13th, I gave it a go.  After all, a bit of adversity builds character, hardens resolve in other situations and (I’ve got to admit) would make me look well hard at work.

After 59min,23 sec of self flagellation on a bike over 18.65km I arrived at work with frozen digits but generally intact.  The wind chill had taken the 2 degrees Celsius down to -10 according to my phone app & there was no one at work to witness my bravery at first hand.  I’m not quite sure what happened to me that day at work but I talked myself into taking the bike onto the train for the return journey.

This involved a 2km ride to the station, £5 for the trip and a 6.5km ride home at the other end. What a disaster!! In the time that it took to get to the station, wait for the train, travel 3 stops and ride home, I could have cycled all the way AND saved on the fare.  Not that this mattered too much as it was approximately the same amount that I would have forked out for petrol if I had used the car to get to & from work.

It was still a cold and miserable journey, just as long as the ride in but that train ride gave me my insight.  Yes, I am a fair weather cyclist but I am happy with that. Now to find a cycle trainer and space to put it for next winter…

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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