To school and back

As we are experiencing a warm sunny spell I decided to change my usual Monday routine.

I packed Fozzie junior’s bike on the bike rack in the morning and we left it in the school bike shed for the day. My youngest went to a friends place after school so the plan was for me to cycle to school and cycle home with our oldest. This had the added bonus of logging my ride as “transport”-more money saved on petrol.

So I spent my morning doing the usual house cleaning stuff, gardening and even had the time to work on the laptop without the pressure of squeezing in a 25-30km ride before the school run. After lunch I headed off but took a detour. As the crow flies, its a 7km ride to school but after last Monday’s effort, I wanted more.  So I planned the route via country that I hadnt been before which included not the Fox & Hounds in Clavering (closed on Mondays) but The Cricketers in Rickling Green. After a sustaining pint of well known Italian lager, I headed off and arrived at school rather sweaty after doing 26km.

Again, I didn’t plan to go as fast as I did but felt good. A much slower ride home ensued. Fozzie junior has not done the route before and is naive regarding the level of respect that UK motorists generally have for other road users. So we went the quietist route possible & were slow negotiating the roads, his reward a glass of lemonade after 4km at The Nags Head. The route was mostly off road after this skirting arable  farmland before climbing onto the familiar territory of the Flitch Way.

We did 9km in 59min and it was an adventure for us both. Although it may seem insignificant, one moment made me swell with pride. I had forgotten how overgrown with nettles one track was and warned him about the probable consequences.  “That’s OK Daddy, you get that out on the bike,  I’ll just ignore it”.

Given that it was hot by his standards and at his age of 8 1/2 a certain level of whinging was expected I was proud at his fortitude. The next time I’m out battling into a biting cold headwind with the equally cold rain driving into my face, I’ll remember his wise words…

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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