On fire

Today I completed 136km for the week which is the most that I’ve done in a week since last summer’s heady days.  I’m trying to make the most of the shortening day light and the mild-ish weather and I’m still wearing sandals although I really do need a couple of upper layers in the mornings these days.

On Monday I had the pleasant 1st experience of another cyclist pulling up beside me for a chat.  Apparently I was going at a “fair clip” on my ’90s low end mountain bike which was 25kph/15.5mph. The guy was at least 15yrs my senior which may explain that comment and it was a real novelty for me to chat while out riding in the sunshine and a great refreshing start to my week. I was on my way to meet my 8yr old for our 9km dawdle home on the bikes together and again he loved it, especially the millionaire shortcake at The Green Man.

The following day was a dark start but sunrise at ~7 is my favourite time as the world is waking on my way to work.


Watery sunrise

I took the back roads along a new route through Perry Green that joins an existing route. The ride home was a struggle with cross winds and unremarkable.

They’ve laid new tarmac on the road between Hatfield Broad Oak and Hatfield Heath and after the bumpy, pot holed roads around the forest it would have been fantastic to cruise along that 2.5km stretch had it not been for the battle into the head winds on Friday morning. I’m kinda hoping that the council have got their A into G and tidying up the road – they’re announcing the 3rd leg of next years TdF soon and its possible that its going to be on or near our neighbourhood and maybe evn that stretch of road.


Route confirmed ~25th October

I’m already planning the cardboard stencil and spraypainted Silver Fern to cheer on the Kiwi riders but won’t be wearing the mankini that I see on tje highlights show. Stage 3 falls on a Monday and therefore my day off so I’m looking forward to the announcement enormously. 

Back to Friday, after work I rode into Sawbridgeworth to attend the cricket clubs awards night. No prizes but I was mentioned in dispatches and had a few strange looks-I must be mad they said to cycle back to Takeley (13.6km/8.4miles) after a skin-full at or around midnight?!

Well, it was 7 pints over 5hrs and it was a slow ride in my boots,jeans and shirt but peaceful nonetheless.  At that time, no one uses those back roads so I had them all to myself. I even passed my current favourite junction but it was dark and not really the same as the mid afternoon view below.


Woodside Green

Today was going to be a quick ride to the supermarket for beer to keep me company during the All Blacks v Springboks match. I took a detour on the Flitch Way recommended by Mrs B2W and rediscovered after falling into a bush of nettles how slippery it gets when braking hard in the mud at speed…

Thankfully I hadnt got the beer yet and the All Blacks won a cracker. Tomorrow’s a rest day and the start of the under 9 winter cricket league. If my son wasnt playing, I’d ride down there too. Cycling, its the only way for me to travel at the moment-I’m on fire!!

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Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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