That bloody Wednesday

Considering that I felt rough the evening before, I was quite pleased to feel able to make it out into the lifting mist on Wednesday morning. I was almost immediately rewarded with the sight of the sun trying to sneak its way through the low cloud.


Apart from this, it was an unremarkable journey save for the idiots missing me by a hairs breadth when passing me at speed down the Sheering road . This almost always seems to happen on the ~2.5 metre wide per single lane  heading out from Sheering towards Harlow. If you consider that an average car (e.g. a Ford Focus is ~ 1.7m wide then that doesnt leave me with much room as aforementioned idiot in car/van/4WD shaves past me to stay in lane thus avoiding a collision with on-coming traffic. I’m sure that there’s something in the Highway code somewhere about showing due consideration for other road users…

I left work smugly celebrating the fact that I did not have to go through the agony of moving my car from the carpark gridlock that I had observed earlier from my office window. I left 10 minutes before sunset heading east to be greeted by the moon.


As I was forced into a detour by a police road block, I headed towards Bishops Stortford along unlit country lanes. I then began to explore a B2W theory about motorists being more cautious in the dark on these roads & slow down when they see lights coming from a bicycle….

Until the w#@*kers in the white van who tried a couple of times to pass blindly on the road bend. Ordinarily I do pull over to let these clowns pass but the road was such that I couldn’t and its was dark. In any case, there was a flat stretch coming up in 100m towards the A120 roundabout, they’ll just have to wait until then. They duly passed me there shouting at me to “get an ‘elmet on” and passed me again after slowing down by circling the roundabout a couple of times to shout obscenities at me. I couldn’t hear what they said (my chav/trailer trash vocab is limited) but saw red and, fuelled by the adrenaline surge induced by my anger sprinted off after them (to do what I don’t know).

The cowards seem to be expert at this game as they turn off without me even getting their plate number. I then stop in Stortford for a breather and a drink. No sooner than I start again that 2 children, with their heads out of the window of a Range Rover 4WD suddenly scream something at me and laugh thinking that startling a person on a bike in the dark is such great fun!

My reassured confidence that drivers are reasonably ok in these parts with people on bikes has been shaken as I hadn’t experienced this kind of behaviour for some time.

So that was it until I got home and started chatting to my neighbour about my “ordeal”.  He seemed pretty fixed on what he thought my problem was rather than acknowledging poor driving behaviour-my light isn’t strong enough for people to see me apparently.

Oh they could see alright Terry, just not good enough to see my the ” ‘elmet” that was on my head…

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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