The bunny clock

Our youngest son has a “bunny clock”, an alarm clock with a rabbit’s face whose eyes open with a loud click at a time that is acceptable for parents to wake up also. He is often awake before the bunny clock wakes and after years of patience he now plays nicely by himself until it is time…it hasn’t been easy.


Asleep................................wakey, wakey!!!

So this morning, I was woken from my lighter than usual sleep at 04.30 by him bounding up the stairs to play with his brother. It appears that meither of us set it for the usual 07.00!!! I managed to snap into action and prevent both being awake so early and while he went back to sleep, I was unable to so pondered my route into work this morning.  At 05.30 I realised that I need to take my laptop in and, as I haven’t got panniers (yet) was devastated to accept my fate and drive in.

But wait! A contingency-why dont I go out into the cold and rain and ride for the sheer hell of it, braving the Stortford road and the speeding early commuters? We live at the bottom of a gully and the only way along the road either way is up, until you get to the speed cameras about 0.8km either side. These are my new shuttles: up to camera #1 and then down, past home, then up to camera #2 and then down again to complete 1 circuit.


This morning I did 4 circuits/12.74km, having to stop after the 3rd to pump up the rear tyre due to a slow leaking puncture. I’m gonna use it to improve my hill riding stamina until I get bored with it. It’s pretty flat in Essex and my “hill shuttles” are also convenient: If I dont have much time and I fancy a quick ride,this gives me an option over my usual shorties.

Lucky the bunny clock woke up so early otherwise I would’ve been fixing a puncture 2 thirds of the way into work this morning in the dark & in the rain…

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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