Family ride #2

This week I only rode to work once and next week, due to a study day elsewhere and having to collect Grandma from New Zealand at Heathrow I won’t be able B2W at all. Everything appears to be slowing down threatening to cease my riding activity but I am resisting the autumnal onslaught by getting out on the bike as much as possible.

Yesterday I rode to 6pm Mass, met Mrs B2W and the boys there before going on to watch the fire works display at the Rugby club. My ulterior motive was that I could stop on the way home while they drove home. This was so that I could watch the All Blacks beat France in what was a bruising, bum clenching encounter.

Today was another family ride on a cool, cloudless autumn day. Due to aforementioned Grandma’s stay for Christmas and beyond, this was probably our last day out together on the bikes for a while.  After a lazy morning, the evening’s stew put in the slow cooker, lunch was greedily wolfed down and we headed off.


Autumn om the Flitch Way. A great place for a family ride

I remain incredibly proud of the boys who, for the 2nd week in a row enjoyed a ride when they would probably rather sit in front of the TV than join me and their Mum for my “recovery” ride. Today it was 10km with a stop at the “Three Willows” at the halfway point for a lemonade and some mini cheddars.

No torrential rain this time and promising for nexts year’s cycle home from school project given that it is more or less the same distance. And thanks Mrs B2W-I know that you would rather go for a run than ride the bike x x x


Nowhere near we went today but what a great time of year to go riding

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Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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