The week before last, I had an unanticipated break from the commute to work as my brakes were seriously in need of repair. The rear brake cable had snapped and I hadn’t realised that the spare I bought wasn’t the right type. I booked it in on the Wednesday for a brake service to be done the following day so I could collect that evening on the way home from work. I dont usually like taking the bike in for minor repairs like this. DIY means that it can be done at my convenience rather than waiting and more to the point paying someone to do something that I can do myself. Anyway, due to the current pressures of work, paying someone was more convenient as I just dont have the time to fit in a repair in the evenings. It also meant that I could ride in on the Friday too.

So on the Thursday I get a call from the shop.  Did I know that it needs work on other things? Yes I do. Thats the thing with a bike bought 2nd hand- when/if I take my old bike in, there’s always something extra that’s found to increase the original cost of the repair. Just look at the inventory below.


As soon as I stated that I’m planning on getting a new one on the cycle to work scheme in March, they relaxed their concern over my safety and just did the brakes as requested. I just love it that the repairs amount to more than the presumed value of the bike itself. Yes, I could buy a new one for that amount.

But hey’re undoubtedly blind to the actual value that I personally place on Mon Velo Jaune:

  • Saves money through use of petrol to pay for repairs anyway. 6 rides to work this year so far is £27 saved, minus £17.99 for the brake service = £9 in the black. In total, I’m £109 in the black since I’ve had this bike and thats calculated just on the commutes to work, not the park-and-rides to/from school, the rides home from school and the commutes up to the shops.
  • Keeps me physically fit enough by humping it’s heavy frame around the undulating roads of west Essex. I’m 10kg lighter since I replaced my old mountain bike with this even older one. I feel fitter than I have for years and have more energy.
  • Keeps my mental health in check (most of the time). Being out on the bike is “me” time, a time where time to myself is protected, enshrined in the fresh air, howling winds and persistent rain. There’s no way that I can put a price in this except to say that £173 is a small price to pay for it.

So, large, well known bicycle retailer who also markets motor vehicle related stuff, if you want to flog me a bike, I’ll get one. But only through your cycle to work scheme sometime this month while I take advantage of the 6 week free maintenance check. I can afford the monthly payment which in turn will more than be paid back to me though the factors above. Now thats value…

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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3 Responses to Value

  1. Girl on a Road Bike says:

    Sounds like your bike is worth way more than that.
    Be careful going to them (assuming I know which orange and black retailer you’re alluding to) for your new bike though, I’ve heard horror stories about how they “assemble” the bikes they sell.
    If your work only do vouchers to said chain (as my boyfriend’s does) I think you’ll find various independent dealers or bike specific chains will accept the vouchers anyway.

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