Decisions decisions…

So the cycle to work scheme is starting again sometime in March.  Unlike last time I have been doing my homework early to avoid a last minute rush to buy something that I would worry about regretting later on.  I had my heart set on an entry level CX bike as early as 3 months ago and have been a regular visitor to the bike shop to check it out but mainly to drool over it.


In terms of my situation, it ticks the boxes:

  1. Has fatter tyres than a road bike that gives me adaptability on the off road tracks AND the on the country lanes that pass as roads in these parts
  2. Has bits to attach mud guards and pannier racks to use as a commuting bike and as a weekend tour bike (I quite fancy trying that this year).
  3. It’s 11.5kg and substantially lighter than my current old faithful so easier to lump it up a hill.  With the drop handles I can go faster and (hopefully) further
  4. Disc brakes for the wet/mud
  5. A bike that I can take to a competition in the autumn when/if I summon up the guts to do it. (I don’t rate my fitness and worried about embarrassing myself)

And then I go to the website and it turns out that I can now get a quality Dawes tour bike for the same price but with the pannier rack and mudguards.  For about a year I’ve looked at getting one as they are renown for their solidity, reliability and style but even 2nd hand they’re beyond my price range.  Now is the opportunity to score one and I’m tempted-it would be ideal as a purpose built commuting/touring machine.


Whatever I choose, with the purchase of pannier bags, drink bottle and a new lid, I’ll be paying £64/month for a year and with a monthly saving of > £36 on petrol over the summer that works out to be a fairly cheap deal for a new bike.  I now have a difficult couple of weeks ahead mulling over my own personal bike war.

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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