Cool runnings

Record rainfall has given way to sunny and more importantly dry days and nights in my adoptive corner of the Eastern UK. Unfortunately, this means a chilly start to my Wednesday commutes into work.

Last week this included falling arse over elbow on some black ice. It was on a quiet rural road at 7.15ish that hadn’t yet been exposed to the morning thaw from a glorious sunrise. I wasn’t going fast at all and was obeying the advice (I’ve never knowingly ridden in/thru it before). I was gliding thru a puddle slowly but had misjudged it’s length and nearly slowed to a halt just as my front wheel exited the water. I was in the zone, managed to forget about the threat of ice, stood up on my pedals to get some go forward and immediately felt the back wheel slide from under me. I fell onto my right butt cheek just before my pack cushioned my fall further. Nothing seriously hurt,not even my pride as there were no witnesses. It’s a lesson learnt all the same.

But now that sunrise coincides with the start of my ride it feels worth the risk. I mean,what a start to the day watching this great orangey golden ball greet me on my morning commute. It certainly beats rain in the face on a dark morning while pedalling into a headwind that doesn’t want me to get to my destination!


The only worry that I have is that all this early March fun in the sun, in my experience means that summer may not quite be the happy days that we all think that this early spring weather heralds. My recent experience=a warm, dry spring means a pretty crap grey, wet summer. Not being negative, just objective.

Still, I’m making the most of it & heading from work early this arvo so that I can ride home without my lights for the 1ST TIME since October last year! But wait, there’s more-its 15°C out there & not a cloud in the sky!! Another 1st  for the year is that I’ll be riding in my SHORTS & only 2 layers on top!!! This will more than make up for the pain of my toes warming up in the shower after my ride in this morning.

Take that winter-I’ll see you in November you bully!!!!

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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2 Responses to Cool runnings

  1. Girl on a Road Bike says:

    It is a season of firsts, isn’t it. I rode home yesterday with shaded lenses in my glasses!

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