Park & Ride

Being on leave is great. I get to spread out household chores over the week rather than try to cram them in on a Monday and I can ride my bike whenever it takes my fancy. To save time this week, I’ve been incorporating it into the school run everyday this week as the back lawn needs to be resurrected following the wet winter and the front door needs painting. I’m taking advantage of the dry,mild, early spring weather to re launch the park and ride project. It stalled for a couple of weeks since we started taking one of Ben’s classmates to school in the mornings. Mondays are also difficult as we can’t do longer than 2km as we have to be home in time for dinner before Ben goes to cricket training for 6pm. The routine has been modified to:

1. Bikes on rack on car, drive to school.
2. Drop boys and their bikes off at school.
3. Drive to pre planned distance from school.
4. Ride home (10-35km depending on my level of enthusiasm).
5. Ride to school, meet boys and ride back to the car.

As well as being active & learning cycle safety, the boys are having fun on their bikes. Hopefully they’re beginning to understand that cycling is a good way to get from A-B as well. So far its been a challenge to squeeze in a reasonable distance after school with extracurricular activities but we’re managing to find reasonably safe routes and be home in time for dinner.

Today we’re changing the routine of the beginning of the week:

1. Bikes on rack on car, drive to school.
2. Drop boys and their bikes off at school.
3. Drive home.
4. Ride to school to meet boys.
5. Ride the 12km home.

This is partly due to my legs protesting that they would like a break this morning. So I’ve done one coat on the front door already and the lawn is aerated with moss killer/fertiliser down.


Hopefully Mrs B2W will notice the door when she gets back from conference Saturday morning...

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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