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I collected my new bike on Thursday and it was a day tinged with excitement and disappointment. The bungling organisation of a well known orange and black cycle/motoring retailer meant that I had to wait for an hour for my accessories to be gathered, some of which hadn’t arrived yet. That they said they would telephone me when the bike and accessories arrived and didn’t has led me to believe that they won’t when my pedals and mudguards finally arrive. I only popped in on a chance on the way to work as they said things would be ready on Thursday. It would be fair to say that my boyish excited anticipation had been suppressed to frustration by the time that I left that store.

Anyway, as I had teaching from 6-9 that evening, it meant that I had a late night unpacking and attaching bags, reading bike lock instructions and doing a rough re-size of my seat height. Yesterday after lunch I hopped on and gave it a try on roads and off road tracks of the sort that I’ll be using on my my commutes. About halfway, I stopped for coffee and was surprised at my speed-25kph riding well within myself and comfortably faster than my average 20-22kph on mon velo jaune (that’s 15.5mph-ok, not that fast but record beating material in my world).  Speaking of comfort, my bum and toes weren’t numb after 20 odd km so yes, the seat is way better than my other one.

Being one of only three new bikes that I have owned, I am rather pleased apart from the gears which were sloppily set up. Changing up to the front chain ring over shoots and comes off and the rear derailleur slips when I change down. Thats poor and if it weren’t for the perceived long wait and feared poor workmanship, I would insist on them re-tuning when I collect the pedals.


1st bike I've ever owned with drop bars and the 1st that I've ridden since my early 20's

This morning my legs are as tired as they normally are but travelling twice the distance. Despite the teething problems, I’m still in love with this bike. Already I can really appreciate how/why people travel massive distances on theirs other than just commuting. Hmmmm…

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Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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