A chance encounter


I havent posted much lately because  of work and cricket. Both have taken up plenty of time with minor rewards but it hasn’t halted my riding. Today I can write because early torrential rain means no cricket and some unplanned spare time to do some house work so that I can go for a ride tomorrow afternoon.

I’ve started on Strava which was mainly to follow others on the FB Harlow Cycling page. Its more of a social group who post when/where they’re cycling when planning a group ride. The only group ride that I’ve turned up to, I was late after work and missed them by 10min but seeing others’ routes in and around the place where I work has given my own commuting routes a new lease of life. This is particularly relevant given that on my new bike I can go faster for longer for the same level of next day tiredness than previously.

The route that I’ve linked to is one such route. I stopped at the pub in Matching Green to pump my rear tyre on the way home yesterday and came across 3 cyclists who had just rode 100km from just south of London as a part of a 4 day tour. We got chatting about the quality of the beer, village politics, following procyclists on social media and it became apparent that their route to Bishops Stortford closely resembled my own back home AND their pace was likely to be reasonable.

So we set off and chatted some more at a sedate pace and they marvelled at the beauty of the countryside and the good state of the roads compared to those further south. It made me realise how lucky I am to ride the country lanes to/from work in spite of the careless driving of some idiots. We parted ways at the Stortford road end of the Hatfield Forest road and I was left with that warm feeling of a chance encounter- accidental, unexpected companionship, if only for 16km…

Chapeau Clive, Sam and Mikel. Hope you went hard in that rain on your way back today boys. Now that we’re following each other on Strava who knows, could ride together again…

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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