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I can believe that I haven’t posted since May. Work and cricket has been getting in the way of writing though it hasn’t stopped me reading others blogs. In fact, work and cricket got in the way of riding A LOT over July to the extent that I only clocked just over 300km that month. 300! I haven’t done that little in a month since March.

What I have noticed though is the base cardiovascular fitness that regular cycling has given me for cricket and as a result my concentration is great near the end if the days play. What cycling doesn’t do is exercise those batting and bowling muscles and a short spin up to the shop yesterday was req’d to work off the lethergy from a match saving innings the previous day.

Today marks the 100th anniversary of Britains declaration of war against Germany and the central powers so after dropping the boys off at Holiday Bible Week for the day, I went for a ride around some villages and took photos of some war memorials. Visiting them and sitting in solitude while thinking how others’ sacrifice allows me to do what I do today is my way to remember them.


Clockwise from top left - Sawbridgeworth, Hatfield Heath, Takeley, Bishops Stortford.

In the UK we’re being asked to switch off our lights and light a candle of remembrance to those people of all sides, soldiers and civilians alike who lost their lives during the “Great War”.

We will be. Are you?


I saved this from Twitter ages ago. The original mechanised infantry?

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