A close shave

Yes it was cool requiring a long sleeve base layer under a short sleeve top. At least the wind behaved itself and the sun joined me for most of the trip in.

Running through my mental check list about half way through the journey, I realised that I didn’t pack my razor! 5 days of growth isn’t exactly professional where I work and none of the shops were open before 7 when I arrived into Harlow. Even the hopsital shop was closed so desperate measures were called for. I went over to the ED and begged a razor from the ECG trolley.


Cheap, cheerful, disposable

Its been a while since I’ve used one of these, the last time being an unsuccessful and painful experiment with my Dad’s one a number of years ago. I have become used to those 3 blade types that glides over my beard.  This time it was in the shower in the cyclist change facility and only cut my chin in 3 places. Not bad without a mirror I suppose and just as close as the clown who passed me on the Cambridge Road in Sawbridgeworth in his truck.

I did miss my after shave moisturiser however. My face felt as if it had slid a couple of meters across the tarmac but it was OK on the way home.

Yes, the way home. I left when the sun was getting low in the sky so any pretentions that I had of travelling in just the short sleeve were quashed by the cool northerly. During the day, the sun was lovely but this sudden change to cool has me worried about a depressingly loooooong cold winter.


Is the sun setting on summer so soon?

But it was good to be out and the sun even winked its goodnight to me in the west as I meandered my way home. With MrsB2W and the boys away at the weekend leaving me free to indulge my true 1st love (cricket) there’ll be no more shaving on this face for a while. The hair on my right leg will have time to recover-no commuting for the week that I’ll be away from work = no close shaves from passing vehicles…

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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