October hasn’t stopped being wet. Discounting Monday when I opted to hide from the rain on the indoor trainer in front of TV recordings I have not ridden on a dry day.


Nothing like cycle tele while on the boring static trainer

It even hammered down on me last Friday on my ride back from the bike shop after I’d checked it in for gears and brake adjustments. I was only a minute away from work when it started but was soaked through when I got back.


A true and proper soaking

This mornings sojourn out to work in the emerging day was dry. In fact it felt EPIC after a weeks enforced rest while the bike was being serviced. Cycling into all the promises of a new day is a great feeling and this morning was no different.

This evenings ride home was back to moist October 2014 but strangley the wet did not bother me. Well, it kind of did because the roads were busy with people driving like mad idiots to escape Harlow.  What is it about driving and poor visibility that stops people thinking sensibly and slowing down

It all started in the hospital car park with a near miss by someone who did not see me or thought that they had right of way but that set me up for my cussing and swearing at the inattentivenss of both drivers and pedestrians. I’ve noticed that I have to look out for the peds now too as they wander across my path, oblivious to me bearing down on them from behind while they tap tap  on their phone and listen to whatever it is in their ear phones…

Anyway, I’ve coined a new term for it-Harlow Attention Deficit Syndrome (or HADS for short). It is a growing hazard for people on bikes and indeed for them.  I’ve a feeling that I’ll be using it again…

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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4 Responses to HADS

  1. bgddyjim says:

    I averted a near miss today myself! Bombing down a tiny hill in the bike lane, keeping up with traffic (27 in a 30 mph zone) and I come to a green traffic light… Just 50′ before I’m to go under the light and the yahoo wanting to make a left in front of me starts to go! I sat up, hands on the brakes and shook my head at her. To my surprise, she stopped and waited. Scared the hell out of me man.

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