Mind over matter

I got woken by Leo at 1a.m. who “heard voices” & came into our room to tell us. He was invited in with us by Mrs B2W and slowly wore me down by chatting incessantly about his theories of whose voices there were in his room. Fully awake and thinking about the emails without distraction that I could get done at 1.45 I marched him back to his room and told him rather directly that it was time to go back to sleep.

Emails done, & an episode or 2 of Seinfeld later I nodded off at 06.30 only to be woken by the alarm at 7. Up I got to get the boys ready for school, drove them in, did some shopping and thought of just about every reason in the book not to get out on the bike. It was windy but dry and the clincher was that it was probably the final time this year that I could make a trip to the Blue Egg café and back without the elements interfering too much.

I’ve been meaning to go there all summer. Its a favourite local cyclist haunt and sometimes the pros are known to stop there mid ride. I’d planned my route there during my early morning laptop time and steamed 26 km to get there courtesy of a rather pleasing headwind.

There were a couple of groups of riders already there hoovering up the excellent looking (if a little over priced) nosh. My mix and match style of riding dress  clashed with their immaculate looking design and fit and my ‘cross bike with mud guards not the same as the sleek road machines on display. In short, I felt out of place although a ginormous date and oat slice and café Americano hit the spot.

I was pleased to get going but the 2nd half was all 14 mph headwind and was tough going. In keeping with Octobers want, a heavy shower sliced its way into my face for 10min at the 40km mark.

So even though I had 1 stop during my 1st ever metric half ton (is that a thing?) I reckon an avg speed of 26kph with that headwind with only 2.5 hrs sleep in the bank is pretty good going. The Blue Egg is worth another visit too, if only to get me out on Monday for longer rides. Before that and before the weather gets worse, a £10 GBK voucher to redeem  in Cambridge is planned. Another long ride with a gastro rewards awaits…


About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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4 Responses to Mind over matter

  1. “A heavy shower sliced it’s way into my face…” That, my friend, is how to describe an autumnal rain shower. Bravo!

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