A risk worth taking

There’s been much written about the sudden drop in temperatures and for me this relates to a rather mild October. The cooler air is enough to keep me motivated to ride and to get used to the dark, cold winter months ahead.

Yesterday I braved a risky commute, not because of the temperatures but on a bald back tyre with no spare tube. The reward for riding the country lanes on Monday was 2 punctures and a thorough soaking. The 1st one was at  17km &, as I knew the rain was coming I put the spare tube in and headed my way back home keeping to my original planned route. The mental note to finally order that back tyre and now another tube was reinforced 4km later when I got another flat! This time the forecast rain had started and I took shelter at the Great Canfield cricket club to repair the puncture. I got home cold and wet but grateful that I had spent many boring hours during my childhood watching and (apparently) listening to my Dad Tony show me how to fix punctures.

So yesterday morning I got on with a niggling feeling that with 1 patch left, a bald tyre and no spare tube that another puncture is just around the corner. It was cold, the melon committee were in full session advising me not to risk it. It didn’t take much to get on and out of the door and the session was closed when I checked the back tyre for any slow leaks resplendent in my newly purchased winter gear.


No fog, cold start but comfy in the new kit

Safe and sound at work another cool ride home was anticipated. About 2km from home the tell tale jarring and crunching of the back wheel heralded yet another puncture. Yep, after over 2000 miles on that tyre, its time for a change and I’ve at least learnt not to be so tight and fork out a lot earlier for a replacement next time.

Thankfully I’m not missing out too much – I’m expecting delivery of the new tyre and tube tomorrow but cannot ride to work as have commitments elsewhere necessitating a couple of car journeys.  It’ll be raining too so I’ll avoid another soaking.

I’ll keep the bald on standby for the turbo trainer. I’ve discovered that there may be an option of getting a spare back wheel through a work scheme so this cloud has a double silver lining. And I got another 50km in, acclimatised (it wasn’t THAT cold) & now know that I have value for money from my new kit. It was a risk worth taking.

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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5 Responses to A risk worth taking

  1. Fun fun fun…
    Can I ask what caused the punctures? Foreign bodies? or the rim spoke holes etc?
    Dare i say it…. I think it’s been a year since a p-word and that’s cycling daily.
    Schwalbe Durano Plus
    “a Kevlar SmartGuard belt for extremely effective protection against penetration punctures… …a level of unparalleled protection…” ?

    Keep cycling.

  2. Chyrel says:

    To be honest, When I first started cycling I don’t bring any spare tubes or patch kits. Just the tire pump. I rarely get a flat and I know I should always bring one, who knows what happens on the road. Now I never leave home without it.

  3. biking2work says:

    I never leave home without at least a repair kit. Its all those leaves lying on the roads hiding sharp things at this time of year. I’ve learnt my lesson, change my tyres to ones with better puncture protection in September.

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