November mild (?!)

Not as mild as September granted and it has been wet. There were a couple of cold rides and these stand in the memory as being unusual during an unseasonably mild month. Monday showcased autumn’s chilling finest and is best remembered for 1 thing (2 if you count the flooded roads). During that ride I cracked the 3000mile/year barrier, a first for me & well over expectations at the beginning of the year.

Thursday evening & Friday morning I took advantage of 10°C temperatures with mild easterly breezes  to commute from & to work. I was unable to bike commute on Wednesday so put the bike in the car, drove to work on Thursday and rode home with a plan to biking in on the Friday.  The stories from across the Atlantic of cold and snow have made it easier for me to get out into the dark when it’s like this; things aren’t going to be this good for long…

Banished were the memories of struggling in the bone chilling misery of Monday as I cut my way through the mild dank air. My preferred ride was the morning one but not solely because it was the 2nd and therefore my last commute of the week.  I can’t explain why it felt such a great ride, it’s just one of those things. 3/4 into the ride I checked out my speed. Not fast by others standards but pretty good considering that I wasn’t even trying, my mind lost in that zone-focused but everything effortless. 2 top layers and a pair of fingerless gloves were the order of the day.  At the end of November I tell you, NOVEMBER!!!

I’d like to say long may that last but I can’t.  I have to remind myself that it is very nearly winter. Like a lot of people who ride bikes, I’m inextricably linked to the weather forecast. It’s gonna get cooler but not wetter in the short term. To be honest I’d rather it was mild and wet than dry and cold.  I don’t mind the sweaty “boil in a bag” feeling of riding with a rain jacket, its part of the seasonal experience of cycling for me.  I can afford to say that as it’s only 68 days until we head to NZ in February for a well-earnt family holiday so I get to cheat winter riding at it’s bitter worst.

It’ll be the height of summer there. Balmy warm, long days will allow early morning or late evening rides, vests, shorts and beaches.  Now that’s an image to sustain me when the weather finally turns…

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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