Getting brutal


Things are getting cool out there but contrasting to this time last year no different. What is different is my choice of attire. Thermal leggings under my insulated tights, a base layer under my thermal long sleeved top, water proof jacket to break the wind and gloves with fleece lined hat under my lid makes it more bearable.

I’ve decided that the only way to stay warm is to keep pedaling. I’m wondering if my legs are shouting at me if I’m pedalling harder to stay moving or because they’re protesting at the cold after the luxury of the mild autumn. Whatever it is, my average speed is still ok & only a couple kph less than my summer speeds. Even so, I’m only cold for the 1st 15min as long as I keep moving. There’s nothing like the reward of a hot shower at the end of it all which I feel lucky to have at work if only for the added advantage of helping my feet thaw.

Owing to family & work commitments, for the 2nd week in a row now I took the bike in the back of the car, cycled home one evening and ridden back to work the next. Its the only way to get the distances in & I’m gonna struggle to get my winter months target of 400km/month in for December.

This morning I decided to challenge that thought on my day off as I braved the brutal bastard NE wind, my nemesis last winter. I planned a route to avoid a headwind as much as possible but I still struggled when its gusts gave me a taste of whats in store for the next couple of months. Struggle I will and as Churchill said when faced with adversity, “KBO”. It’s the only way for me this month…

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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6 Responses to Getting brutal

  1. capejohn says:

    Commuting in the winter can be trying but it’s still fun. Most times.
    I rode in single digit temperatures often when I commuted to work. (retired now). One story I like to relate is the time I rode in a 5 degree F morning and felt chilled but not cold. I kept a high pace to insure my core body temperature made things comfortable. The mistake I made was to stop in a convenience store five miles from the office for a newspaper or something. As soon as I walked into the store I started to perspire a lot. When I got back on the bike all that perspiration began to freeze which made a very difficult five miles to the office. Fortunately like you, my office had a shower room. I spent a lot of time under the hot water that day.
    Bike commuting is the only thing I miss about working.

  2. biking2work says:

    I’m enjoying how, after beng a confessing my fondness for fair weather riding ONLY a little over a year ago that I’m looking forward to more cold weather riding. 5&9°F is seriously hard core you guys and inspiring me to test my limits…thanks for the comments!

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