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This is a time when I should reflect on the year gone and begin to think about resolving to do something the following year to better myself.  I’m not doing that here because I haven’t sorted that out and I like to take my time with it anyway (when I said begin, I mean’t it).  This post is about my 5 favourite bloggers of 2014, the ones that regularly post and write about stuff that I like or they’re  doing interesting things.  They’re all about cycling so please leave now if you think that you’ll be offended…But if you’re not, do check them out.

First is the ragtime cyclist.   He seems to put down in words a lot of what I’m thinking or experiencing about bikes and riding this year and has an engaging, knowing prose which exudes wit.  Such is my esteem for his writing I was flattered when he replied with praise for a little of my own one day. I’ve just discovered his archive and topics range from maintenance to biking behaviour to books to product reviews He also writes for a local paper and posts the links on his  twitter feed so if you like him, he has MORE elsewhere.

bike like crazy.  I think that I came across her cruising a cycling tag one day. Ditched her car and rides everywhere.  Not so unusual these days I hear you say but work is a 20 mile round commute (similar to mine), every day (more than me) and she travels at ~ 3 a.m. every day, for the last month in the snow (definitely NOT the same as me!).  They’re mostly short posts about her journeys & it feels great to follow the evolving story of someone who is not crazy but normal in the f#@ked up world where the motor vehicle is king.  Sometimes I need some of this kind of thing to inspire me on a cold,wet, grey day so Kudos not least for the early starts in the cold but also for helping me get off the sofa when I most need it.

I started following Jim on FitRecovery   a couple of years ago. He helps me in a similar way.  He gave me the name for the demons in my head – The melon committee.  You know the one, the voices that try to reason with me not to climb aboard my bike some mornings due to the weather, sore muscles…whatever is a convenient excuse at the time.  I think that they may have been banished now (or gone somewhere warmer) as I’ve actually enjoyed riding in the autumn & winter so far and even look forward to the variety that it offers. Anyway, cycling is our common interest and he does a lot of it so I find his archives on things cycling of great interest to one reborn to the world of cycling.

I follow a couple of guys touring the world and Jason is somewhere in SE Asia (I’m not sure as he hasn’t posted for a while but Strava says that he’s been riding Cambodia recently so he’s somewhere in that neighbourhood).  He’s on a mission to cycle the world, started in the UK, went across Europe, Turkey, the ‘stans, across China & now SE Asia.  I’ve been following his story for a year now and enjoy his descriptions of the cultures and people that he meets. It’s been an interesting trip so far & one where even he doesn’t quite know his exact routes to get where he’s going.  Go well Jason, your journey has become epic in my world.

The 2nd rate cyclist might be be appalled at Jason’s use of grammar or at least his inattention to the spell checker (at least my use of the word epic does not mirror the ease in which it is spewed forth these days).  His recent entertaining posts on the “lost words” exposes the mis-use of common words that are often used out of context.  More PLEASE!  There’s also lots of cycling stuff in there so he too has variety.  He hasn’t yet attacked the use of the word “so” to end a sentence yet, a nonsense that has crept into everyday use.  Sports people & celebs are all at it and it has filtered down to the masses.  You know the sort of thing,”…it’s something that I’ve always dreamed of doing, so…” and then they pause to wait for the other person to speak as if the word “so” leaves it obvious to what they mean.  So f@#king what?! I end up saying to myself in an irritated kind of old fart way as I try understand what exactly it is that they’re too lazy to say. I’d love to know his take on this.

So rain is forecast for tomorrow, Christmas Eve and my rain jacket has arrived so the revolution within the melon committee has deemed it necessary to get out on the Wednesday commute.  I’m well and truly looking forward to it after a couple of days dealing with a flea infestation using a scorched earth approach while looking after 2 boys with man ‘flu.

That’s the end of this post, so…insert here what you think that I mean… ;o)

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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4 Responses to My favourites

  1. bgddyjim says:

    Thank you my friend, that is high praise indeed. I’m trying to come up with something witty but it’s just not there today. I enjoy your posts and blog immensely. Happy Holidays to you and yours. Wait till you see the post on Mrs. Bgddy’s Christmas present… It’s a big one. I’ve had to keep it quiet, she reads most of my posts. Something Specialized and shiny and beautiful.

  2. bribikes says:

    I was just reading through your post when my jaw hit the floor, I am so stunned and honored that you mentioned me, thank you. I am so glad that I decided to blog and start connecting with other cyclists and bike commuters, it is great to know I am not alone in this car-centric world.

    Now I have to go check out all the rest of the bloggers, there are a couple that are new to me, thank you for the recommendations!

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