March commuting

March was getting mild and ended showery & quite windy.


March is spring and my last commute on the 31st was home with NO gloves.

March was busy. In total I rode 753 km (that’s ~488 miles in old money) of which 403 km (250 miles) were spent commuting.  For those of new to this blog, I calculate the actual distance that I would’ve travelled by car if I’d used it to go to shops, pub, work etc.  The extra mileage is because my cycle routes are getting longer to avoid boredom with the same routes. While my run to the shops is only 9 miles, I spend up to 30 miles in total enjoying the trip.  If I “save” £50 per month in petrol by riding instead, this pays for the loan of my bike through the bike to work scheme.  The bad news is that I didn’t cycle to work in Feb (nor did I drive to work) as I was on holiday.  But I still paid £50 out of my salary in Feb so I’m effectively £29 in the red as I bought a spare inner tube last month.  The good news is that I won’t be paying out of my salary after November as the “loan” period will be over meaning that any time that I ride is actual money saved.  Unless I decide on a 2nd bike that is…


Back to the 750 km-I’ve never done that much in a month before!  In fact its about 150 km more than I did in March 2014.  The reasons were two fold:

  1. The car in in the garage and has been for a week waiting for a part on back order meaning lots more commuting.  Yes, we need a 2nd car at the moment as school is 9km away but I’m working on a safe bike to school route with the boys when they’re old enough and strong enough like their Dad.
  2. Strava-the challenge is addictive especially when I’m chasing THAT guy who thinks that he’s better than me and I beat him.  Sure, he does longer rides, climbs further, is faster and has all the gear but in March 2015 I cycled further and that’s worth toasted legs and complakning sit bones.  Next target is to break 805km (500 miles) but I’m unclear whether I’ll do it in April as the Easter school break will interfere with my riding distances somewhat.
1st ever 750km Strava badge

1st ever 750 km Strava badge

Anyway, the activity over March is below.  Happy riding everyone

more savings

More savings but still in the “red”

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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3 Responses to March commuting

  1. capejohn says:

    Things are slowly getting to be more bike riding friendly. The temperature is gradually rising, the snow is just about gone and the sun is appearing more frequently. It’s still chilly, but that’s better than cold, windy and 8 feet of snow. Much better.

  2. Love that”unless I get a second bike”!! And see these Strava challenges (but I like them even though I don’t always manage)!!

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