This morning I felt sapped, empty, devoid of interest, upset if you will. I’ve booked Scott for a gear and brake maintenance + headset bearing replacement after a winter of bike punishment. He has been busy in his full time job and has a lot of work this time of year so had to wait until this Saturday.

My chain kept slipping, and, as it wasn’t sitting within the grooves of my large chain ring (for a month), thought that it was a stretched chain as I’ve done ~5000km since it was last replaced. The rear cassette didn’t look worn so I ducked out of work yesterday and bought a new chain and fitted it. After all, if Scotts expert opinion is that the cassette needs replacing, the he could do it in the weekend, right? The gears changed smoothly so off I set with only 2 layers on in the mild evening air. And then this happened!

A short disappointing walk to the station, parting with £5 for the 10 minute journey and a shorter walk to the pub car park for a lift home left me mourning in advance the lack of riding for the next week (I am 1+1). So desperate was I that I even considered riding the 20km route on my 11 year old sons 10 speed MTB for tomorrow morning. That made be wonder about becoming 2+1 but this is a 1st world problem.

Today driving to a conference I discovered that my problem dwarfs that of others

I have not fled conflict, oppression, torture, lost family, nor desperate enough to risk my life after being extorted by others with the promise of a better life. In short, my loss pales in significance to the loss of others & is only temporary. But the more temporary the better…

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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