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Champs to chumps –

This reminds of two things that have happened to me. One not that recently and one in the last 3 weeks, both on my commutes involving Audi.

1-In the winter, I was nearly rammed from the side by a person driving an Audi, at night, with good street lighting and a great bike light. I saw them before they saw me and I assumed due to the conditions they could see me but at the last minute he drove out from the right and nearly clipped me. I suspect that he was drunk as there is a pub nearby in that village but the way he sped off without acknowledging his error infuriated me. I chased him without a hope of getting to him but the adrenaline surge that fueled the chase continued until I got home. So thanks Audi drunkard, you gave me my best commuting average sped record of 29km/hr!

2- To the person driving their Audi shouting profanities at me in an East European accent while I am legally using the road. Do you see the irony? Do you know where that car comes from, the company history? Yes, thats right, its predecessor Auto Union used forced labour and even built a concentration camp nearby so that they could churn out tanks and aeroplane engines for the Nazi war machine. I’m making a big assumption here but these planes and tanks may even have been involved in the misery that your family endured. Just over a quarter of this forced labour were Jewish so it’s conceivable that your family were used as slave labour-we all know what the Nazis thought of eastern Europeans… My grandfather lost his mind navigating in medium bombers to drop bombs in WW2 so the next time you think that the road belongs to you, just think. About where that car and indeed where our freedom to utter such nonsense comes from…

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Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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