I’m halfway through my commute today, the 2nd day running in glorious sunshine albeit a little cool on the arms at 6.30 this morning. I’ll be honest, the last couple of weeks has felt attritional in my quest to up my distances and break last year’s record of 78 commutes. My legs want a break but taking advantage of this window of increasingly dry, warm weather means that the show must go on. The picture below adds to my motivation…

On Sunday we all went on a family ride with the intention of having a little spin along the Flitch way, an old train branch line converted to a walking/bridal/cycle way. American readers will know this as “tracks to trails”. We’re lucky to have it on our back doorstep and it leads onto Hatfield Forest, once a hunting ground used by various royalty, the most notable being Henry VIII. 

I scored a couple of Specialized hybrid bikes for Mrs B2W & our oldest son from a work salary sacrifice scheme. The glorious weather demanded the opportunity to head out on a first outing with an incentive of pub stop somewhere halfway for rehydration.

Tearing it up

Instead of turning around at the bridge crossing the A120 to Dunmow & back home, we decided to ride a loop on a country lane and join the Flitch again halfway towards home. I was somewhat nervous about the boys’ relative naivety on riding roads with the amount of inconsiderate and careless driving & the impatient attitude of some people driving cars but the pull of the quintessential English countryside was too much. 

The road was quiet, the views outstanding, the enjoyment sublime. Although there was some moaning from our youngest who has just upgraded to his older brother’s mountain bike, our refreshment stop at just the right time and our short ride home made it more than worthwhile.

At the end of our 15km jaunt the feedback melted my heart. It echoes my own feelings when I’m out on 2 wheels soaking up the sunshine and the environment. “Daddy, I felt soooo free on that bike! 15km? I could do twice as much as that, when can we do it again?!”.

Tomorrow, Mrs B2W is having her gall bladder taken out so I’m not cricketing this weekend. It will come as no surprise that I’ve got a loop planned with them for Saturday with plenty of stops. Not so hilly & a ride where we can have a real adventure while the patient peacefully convalesces in front of finals weekend at Wimbledon on the sofa.

Watch this space…

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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