This wasn’t my latest commute but one of the most memorable of the year. I hammered in to work using an extended 32km route punctuated by the increasingly habitual coffee. The weather was perfect, cool, still, sunny & I arrived vowing to leave work earlier to go longer, further.

Earlier in the week I had agreed with an occasional cycling partner who is a MTB regular to accompany him on the Gravel Grinder. So I spent a good part of my day researching, plotting & planning a longer, hillier route to start training for it.

Again, it was sunny. Windy but it was mostly behind me. It was a route that I incorporated parts of others but going in the opposite direction for the most part. For the first 10km my legs gave the melon committee a stern telling off for deciding on a longer, more aggressive route. So cross were they that the committee negotiated a pub stop after 17km. By then, I had caught up with a trio of riders who spotted me but didn’t acknowledge me back. There was NO WAY that I was going to stop now and NOT try to pass them. 

After 1km I took them on a corner and sprinted past them.  “YEEEHAAH! Take that you full kit w@#€ers! Stick that up your Giant Defy and your skinny tyres you fat f#€k arrogant MAMILS!!!!” (I screamed in my head). It must have been a sight, a cx bike with mudguards, a rider with a 30litre back pack tearing past these 3 bemused Lycra clad guys on their road bikes ( or at least that’s what I thought). Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have any feelings onwards MAMILS but the lack of manners or a friendly wave or chat from some of them really cheeses me off…

Whatever it looked like, I left them chewing my dust and rewarded myself much later down the route with a lager and a bag of crisps. 50km after I left work I was home. 80km for the day with points for the green jersey under my belt from the intermediate sprint at 20km. I smashed #63 on Friday and was ready for another days personal success on the cricket field the day after.

And then a get my hand smashed by a cricket ball, by a quick bowler who forgot to bounce it first. Being new to the crease, the delivery was much faster than I anticipated and I was ok late to hit it with the bat. The ball crashed into my glove and it HURT! I was stupidly brave, tried not to show him that it hurt and was promptly out the next ball. Now I know why a batter being hit in baseball often starts a fight. I was rewarded with a broken digit and sitting out the rest of the season while the bowler received a “caution”. It’s cold comfort that this team will be relegated to the league below event though they beat us.

3 days post injury. Out for the rest of the season.

I bruised my thumb on the same hand the previous weekend and probably should not have played but there are only 4 matches left this season and it’s currently a release from my woes at work which is busy and littered with poor communication and indifference.

Thinking of work, the injury forced me to drive a couple of days but I did not pay for the privilege of parking as did not have the correct change in coins. So I flung my permit in the dash in an antiestablishment fashion only to find yesterday that I received a warning. No fine (yet) but as my fingers felt better after icing when I got home, I decided to do a test ride spin to see if I could ride without pain. It was slower to ensure that I had enough time to brake effectively but sitting on the hoods was ok. 

Tomorrow I won’t be risking a fine. Nor will I be paying to park. I won’t need to because I’ll be biking to work

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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