Today is a stats, a milestone and cycle to work day post. 

First, the milestone.  I was fortunate to have company on my usual Monday day off/errands ride. This is where I ride my bike over the twice the necessary distance to post mail, buy groceries or other flimsy excuses to use 2 wheels instead of 4. My MTB friend John had the day off work so we planned a road ride of about 50km to take advantage of the September heat, a welcome change to the moist summer that we experienced in our corner of the UK. We did 72km and I accidently went past 5, 472km, breaking the B2W 2015 record.

I’ll be honest, I was saving this milestone to coincide with a post about today’s cycle to work day ride and gloat over the joys and wonders of commuting by bike. But as these are well documented elsewhere by others that you may have already read, I won’t. 

Well, maybe I will just a little, after all I did promise some stats. Without waxing lyrical about the whole “makes me feel great/fit/ready for the working day!” thing the numbers are favourable. I work 4 days per week which means that this calender year I have gone to work 136 days. Subtract the 4 weeks leave that I had, this equates to 120 days.

Therefore 57% of my commutes have been on 2 wheels. At £7 per round trip for petrol, that’s a saving of £476 PLUS £170 on parking based on £2.50 per day.  £646 minus £300 of maintenance, clothing and morning coffee, I’m still £346 better off. A pre winter check with probable minor repairs will set that back somewhat and a salary sacrifice to pay for 3 more bikes * & I’ll soon be back in the red. But not as much as I would be had I paid for them all outright which I cannot afford anyway & it’s only at the expense of £70 per month for another 10 months

Anyway, I’m less enthused about cycle to work day. After all, nearly two thirds of my work commutes are cycle to work day. Every day would be a cycle to work day if I could make that happen but by pledging miles to the venture, I go into the draw to win something cycle related…

I have been trying to coax my work colleague to ride her bike the 2 miles to work today. I even offered to meet her and escort her along the cycle lanes to show her how safe and fun it is. She was rather taken with the idea as an “easy” way to exercise as she’s always trying to lose weight. And then her daughter was invited to “join” Sarah Jessica Parker for her perfume launch in London today…and invited my work colleague as her plus 1.  Exercise avoidance or a chance in a lifetime, I am not yet sure but lets just say that I suspect that the momentum may have been lost until the Spring. At least I tried.

* They’re not all for me you understand, just a long term plan to upgrade the boys and Mrs B2W bikes. Riding is great & I do love riding with them nearly as much as I enjoy cycling which happens to be quite a lot at the moment. 

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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