Bike numbers quickie-2016

Last year I rode my bike 320 times according to Strava, roughly 88 days out of every 100.  “Impressive!” I thought until I realised that 200 of those rides were covered over the 100 days commuting.  The other 120 rides happened over the remaining 265 days.

I commuted to work 100 times out of a possible 176 work days, just a shade over half of my journeys to work.  Roughly that’s:

  • ~£700 saved in petrol cost
  • ~2 500miles of wear and tear on the car avoided (dunno what that works out to but I’m sure that there’s an app for it).
  • £120 minimum saved on car parking ( I went with the “pay as you park” tarrif in September as only travel by car 1-2 times per week-I don’t always pay it as the machines don’t accept cards, don’t give me change and the outsorced “security” company employees are lazy/scared of the rain or both and don’t always check the carpark outside my building because its too far away from their nice cosy, warm offices on the main Hospital site).

My bikes cost me:

  • £200 repair and maintenance (thanks Back on Track)
  • £150 for the MTB bought on the Salary sacrifice scheme
  • £45 to get to/from the Gravel Grinder (a 45mile off road event)
  • £30 for 2 Merino mid layers (I use them as a base layer-my current one has 5 rides without a wash and still doesn’t smell)
  • £29 for a stand pump
  • £26 for a new tyre
  • £10 for new tubes
  • £10 for puncture repair stuff

Its payday next week but where is this £320 balance?! I need it now…


About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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2 Responses to Bike numbers quickie-2016

  1. Nice stats!
    Where can you get a Merino mid layer for £15? – do you recommend?
    I have a 9milex2 commute daily and could do with staple commute wear (I change at work of course).

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