Back again

A recent post from Dan whose posts I have enjoyed reading made me think about why I started my own blog. I can understand why he wants to stop. As you may have noticed, the summer months of cricket, work, family and more cricket relegate my writing to absolute zero. I only get time to read posts of those who I follow and my initial guilt at living vicariously through others’ adventures was offset by my lack of time to craft something interesting, meaningful.

I always liked writing but was never really encouraged much to pursue it. I liked poetry and even wrote what I considered to be quite a good piece in  “Ode to our American Friends on their hosting of the Games of the XXIII Olympiad”.  It was influenced by a New Zealand poet called J.K. Baxter who was great at scathing political and socio-cultural comment.  However growing up in an all boys, rugby dominated school in 70s/80s writing wasn’t entirely considered masculine enough so I caved to peer pressure and drifted away from it.

My academic career extended to an MSc in the early noughties and I would spend painful hours on crafting arguments, offering opinions and recommendations during my coursework. Except that it wasn’t painful. I loved it. 

I loved the exploration of creating new phrases and being creative, often the result of making my words more efficient due to the word counts. But lacking a natural flair, it took me time, time that I did not have. Except at 11pm when the distractions of a young family, tired wife and house chores had been managed. I even published my dissertation in a professional journal and I was again in a world of creativity determined by word counts and deadlines. It felt so satisfying to know that I got a distinction for the MSc and a published author in a journal. I felt that I had arrived but my writing became limited to funding applications, article submissions and policy/protocol and guideline development. Not exactly forms of writing to enable creativity but you would be surprised.

So in short, I haven’t truly had the time to craft something to my standards. To bare my soul is in itself difficult let alone have the time to actually write about it.  But I am going to try to find the time but only if I have something worth saying or meaningful. I have had a summer  on the bike going to and from work and being alone on most of them there is a lot of reflection in there that I haven’t paid true attention to.  Someone told me that Hemingway once said,”write with a full bladder, reflect on an empty one”. 

Apparently true creativity requires a deadline so in the spirit of the first part of that quote, I wrote this while at Master 10s soccer training with hardly any editing at all.  Maybe he was right. Or not.  Either way I am back to contributing to WP for a while…

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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