The chain

I had it all planned yesterday. Drop the boys off at school, drop the van at the garage for a full service and take the long way home via some well travelled bridalways and paths. Since riding an off road event at the end of last year, I have really enjoyed the adventure of exploring alternatives to roads in getting from A to B. So much so that the 29er has been my ride of choice over the past 7 months. The distances may be shorter this year as the speeds are slower.  But the variety of routes, terrain and sights has been just the tonic to cure the sense of boredom with the same old road routes on the crosser.

So I’m 3km out of town tonning it up a farm road and the chain comes off. I re-thread it and start again only to befall the same fate almost immediately descovering that pedalling was impossible. My feelings of escape and adventure were replaced with the frustrated realisation that with the van in the garage there was no easy way back. A closer inspection showes that there were a couple of twisted links in the chain. I don’t understand it- I hadn’t fallen off or knocked it last week so dunno why or what happened. 

One of the ‘ucking offending effing chain links.

Stuck 5km away from the nearest decent bike shop which is a further 15km from home, I quickly resigned myself to the 12km walk home after a few choice curses. The gradient back home was mostly up so couldn’t even glide downhill though I tried in parts. After a 2hour-ish walk on a nice day I was back to clean the muck off the bike while envisaging a boring week road commuting where close passing appears to be the norm.

Thanks to Scott, I should have it back for Thursday’s ride in which is great as the best route after the school run is cross country and the most fun. If anyone can tell me why a new chain could do this please let me know in the comments section. It was changed 350 miles ago along with a new cassette.

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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4 Responses to The chain

  1. bicyclenuts says:

    Nightmare! I don’t recall ever having such an issue. I’ve had chains snap on me but never twist. Could the damage have been done when the chain was first thrown off?

  2. bicyclenuts says:

    Nightmare. I’ve had chains snap on me but never twist. I wonder if the damage was done when the chain was thrown off the first time.

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