Desolate beauty

I woke early again and organised myself to have cycling clothes ready and breakfast down my for a start at 8, just before sunrise. At 07.45 with the house still asleep after a late-ish night I succumbed to the need for a nap, the finish of which co-incided with a beautiful sunrise and my family awake and ready to enjoy it folowed by brekkie. Given my need to keep everyone happy, I agreed that it was probably more appropriate to allow Mrs B2W and Master 12 to go for their run before I set out. 

90min later I was on my way on a pre -planned coast to coast and back again in 2hrs ride. I headed out into town and cut onto the North Shore un-paved road across the top of the island. This was flat if a little treacherous with sand blowing across my path and making it difficult to stay up in some exposed parts. The views were lovely as the bays showed off the on-shore rollers to my right.

Faro de Toston on the northeast coast

I reached El Cotillo after a longer than anticipated time at which point I began toying with the puncture card as a way of relaying that I would be late therefore delaying the planned trip to the beach at lunch time. Once I hit the headwind on my way back via the volcanoes, I played the joker-the anticpated steep climbs were also a factor, not to mention the creaking bottom bracket on the hire bike-I had to take it slow for fear of buggering that up and walking the rest of the way…

El Corado-a particularly steep bugger to get around

The bastard headwinds plagued me all the way back apart from a helpul push up the steepest hill. It was so head-windy that gliding down the descents slowed me significantly. That’ll teach me to tell myself that a strong wind is OK as long as I’m dry and warm!

Sheltering from the wind

I can’t complain. Getting ~3hrs to myself to explore on the bike in the warm and dry  during a family holiday is more than I could have hoped for. 

Coast to coast and back again

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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