post holiday blues

The sign of a good holiday is that I fail to get my normal tenuous grip on the usual crap that I have to put up with on a day-to-day basis when I get back.  These past 3 days have shown me that yes, it was a great holiday where the only difficult decisions involved where and what to eat, beach v aqua park, how far I’m gonna ride, what local beer to buy, when to nap…

We got back early Sunday morning to cold, drab, windy UK and straight into dog sitting for a friend who has gone away for a week. This is not my friend.  My friends would know not to ask in the first instance.  What has followed has been what constitutes chaos in my world. Dirty doggy prints on the floor, constant begging for food/attention and poo bags. I don’t mind dogs but give me a cat any day, even our demented, one eyed, arthritic old bugger. At least he is quiet, makes his own hole to poo into and only requests food 2 or 3 times a day…

My regular Monday ride was abbreviated out of a need to take them for a walk and throw sticks around for their benefit. But it was good to get back onto the 29er again to acclimatise for the cold months ahead. I had to drive into work yesterday as I had left my keys in the parking lot of the local supermarket on the Monday and had to collect them before collecting the boys for footie straight after school.

While I was away enjoying myself in the warmth and sun of the Canary Islands, someone decided to store some unwanted drink dispenser machines waiting for a clean in the corridor obstructing a fire exit. They had been there a week-nobody had alerted the fire officer.  WHY they were dumped in the Medical Education building I’m not sure but with an inspection by regulators coming up shortly I have my suspicions.

It’s only partially obstructing the disabled access/exit but you can just squeeze a wheelchair past

When I open my office I discover that half of my teaching room has been dumped in my narrow office!

Just enough room to squeeze in front of my PC to clear 200 emails & fire off a couple of terse emails

Turns out that the surgeon taking a suturing session “couldn’t work” with the clutter under the work benches so bullied my colleagues into removing it into my office. The store room is already bursting, there is nowhere else. They were terribly apologetic when they saw the smoke shooting out of my ears.

After work I collected my keys and discovered that footie was cancelled. “At least my day is getting etter” I thought and then remembered Halloween, my least favourite time of year (bugger!). The over excited trick or treaters came and went. I settled down to sleep at the bonus time of 10pm in preparation for the usual Wednesday ride to work. Yes! 8 hours of rest. Bliss…

Except that some neighbours decided that setting of fire works was a good idea. The dogs went crazy and woke the house. I settled back into bed thinking of methods to exact my revenge. You can’t reason with idiots like that especially if as I suspect they are drunk-why else would you let off fireworks at that time on a school night?! It was well past 11 when I finally drifted off in a mood of frustration, anger and despair.

I awoke this morning earlier than the alarm and dozed while I decided on my plan.  Out I went with 3 eggs.  I slung them over the offending neighbours fence as I pedaled by, targeting the garage door and harder to clean high up places on the house. They’ll get the same treatment if they do it again (I know-I’m really 50 going on 14).  At least my ride was reasonably pleasant if cooler than Las Calderas last week save for the usual close passing clowns.

Always a pleasure to greet the sun after 20min on the bike

It is 7pm. I am still at work. The machines are still there, the crap is still in my office.  It was a wonderful holiday.  I can hear fire works going off.  I need to buy some eggs on the way home.  Should I get a dozen?



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Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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