I became a Strava “athlete” sometime in 2014.  This morning’s ride into work was my 1000th cycle activity since joining.  It was an unremarkable ride along dark, wet roads which were littered with leafy sludge.  I even lost GPS signal for 2km until I stopped at the level crossing to check my speed.  This has become an annoying feature as the ride continues from where the GPS restarts leaving a flat line over the terrain from when it was lost.  I never seem to lose the signal in the same area so it is difficult to avoid.  It looks like I ride in a straight line from A to B as you can see below.  It robbed me of 1.5km.


According to Strava, 456 of these ride activities have been “commutes” since they started with these options since I can’t remember when.  I still have at least 15 years  until retirement.  How many will I clock up I wonder?

This morning I arrived into work to find that, as suspected, the heating in the Gents changing room had still not been fixed.  It’s been nearly 4 weeks so instead of wasting time to chase it up again with an already over-run Estates Dept., I used the Ladies.  I am secretly hoping that a female someone who is powerful within the organisation will complain.  This may be a more effective method than what I have been trying over the last couple of weeks but I’m not holding my breath.  Despite many attempts to support staff in healthier lifestyles, they haven’t really pushed the cycle to work idea aside from the salary sacrifice scheme so there’s little chance of that happening.  It is somewhat messier than the Gents but that’s because the cleaners use it as their storeroom.  But it is warmer so I guess that I’ll be using it until my side gets done.

Ladies change area. A warm storeroom

I’m now off to get changed for commute 457 home.  Stay safe…



About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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2 Responses to #1000

  1. bicyclenuts says:

    I really must look into this Strava thing that I keep hearing about, especially as i’m not keen on faffing about with a GPS on the MTB, as I ride for fun rather than being all serious and focused on distance. If Strava takes away the faffing about im in!

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