Gee, thanks Jim

I have been posting infrequently for a while now and occasionally wonder about these blog recognition awards that do the rounds from time to time. To be recognised by peers can be a wonderful thing and this is what struck me through yesterday’s fog of pin-prick peripheries, swallowing glass shards and the sticky, lumpy phlegm of a rather virulent illness. I can’t remember when I last felt like this;the last time that I remember being physically unable to go to work was 2011 when my sinuses became infected and I needed an operation to sort them out. Most of my sick days are related to my mental being masquerading as the physical. I was nominated by Jim who writes prolifically for a full time working father of 2. I just don’t know how or where he finds the time.

These days it appears that even this kind of recognition comes with work added. I hate that (and I’m not having a pop at you for nominating me here Jim). When I get invited to an “away day” or a “team building” exercise, I know that it’s going to be so much more that a day off the usual grind. Yes, the day can be fun because it isn’t the normal work day. But all the time I think about the work that is building up in my absence and that my time would be better spent doing that than finding out about what colour I am on some theorists leadership spectrum. And then there usually some follow up objectives that the team has to come up with and this necessitates some work added to that which is waiting for me the next day. About the only positive is that it takes me another day closer to retirement…

Yes, this award comes with “rules”. Eh?! I can’t imagine Cate Blanchett being awarded an Oscar and then being asked to shoot a scene the following day only to find that she has to follow someone else’s rules of how to act. I am required to write this post according to the creator Okoto Enigma, and her rules. But enough of my ranting. I am not required to do it at all and as it’s my first time being nominated for anything on WP and I am bored stupid on my 3rd day in bed I’ll do it. Besides, Jim has nominated me-that’s reason enough to do it. Here are the rules.

• List the rules.

  • Put the award logo/image on your blog.

• Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog.

• Mention the creator of the award and provide a link as well.

• Tell your readers 3 things about yourself.

• You have to nominate 10 – 20 people.

• Notify your nominees by commenting on their blog.

• Ask your nominees any 5 questions of your choice; with one weird or funny question (specify).

• Share a link to your best post(s).

I have fulfilled the 1st 4 so far (except for the 2nd point-I have added the logo to my post, NOT the blog). You probably have already found a couple of things out about me but here are 3 more.

  1. I am into riding a bike. But only to get from A to B. I have learnt a lot from those who write on these pages and the www on how to maintain my bike and parts for longevity, interesting and fun routes and have had a whole new world of sport opened up to me. But I don’t race nor go on group rides-I just don’t have the time because that would interfere with my 1st love…
  2. I have loved cricket since my early teens. I have never been as talented as some of my team mates but I enjoyed working hard at it to play in the same teams as them because (in the old days), they were my mates and I wanted to spend my weekends with them. I am now 50 and still play which thanks to cycling has improved my fitness and stamina. I back myself to outlast most of those half my age, even the ones who have buckets more talent than me. One day soon, I’ll be in the same team as my sons if they keep playing. That keeps me playing. To my American friends on these pages, it isn’t quite the sedentary sport that you may think it is. It’s more like baseball in the sense that there are lost opportunities galore and matches, (life itself!) hinging on the next delivery, play, hit or miss.
  3. I am a New Zealander. I have a general mistrust of Australians. This is not uncommon among people of my generation. I am certain that many of them are good people and I have meet a lot through work and sport that have challenged my view of them. I just find that I have to be utterly convinced before there is any form of trust on my part. This probably stems from watching our cricket team being cheated out of a tie in the infamous underarm incident where while they won according to the rules, it was not in the “spirit” of the game. They probably would’ve won without resorting to the antics of their captain in the last over but his refusal to “walk” when he was fairly caught out earlier in the match was pivotal in scoring the runs that they did in narrowly beating us. Their actions that day scarred me for life but is not the only reason. “Get over it!”, I hear you say. When I have the fortune to play against any of my cousins from over the ditch here in the UK, I play for my country and I play hard with no quarter but always in the spirit of the game. I always do well against them because of it so ironically I have something to thank them for. Maybe I should get over it…but nah, I would lose this edge if I did.

So onto the 5 questions…

  1. Do you have a goal in mind for your blog? No, it wasn’t certain when I started out. I just thought that I would use it as a kind of on-line diary to describe my riding so as to remember the good ones. It has kind of evolved to some of that and some commuting stuff as well as some ranting.
  2. Why do you do a blog? I also enjoy reading what others are up to and what they have to say and I look up my feed on a daily basis. This is a good form of social media for me as I can read the stuff from those whom I follow without the saturation of ads, surveys and the like that litter other platforms.
  3. What hobbies do you do outside of blogging? Apart from cricket and riding to/from work, nothing. I am a father of 2 with a full time jobs in the NHS. Back to cricket, I also run our club’s juniors section (>100 kids), coach both my sons teams and run training on Sunday mornings over the summer. Even in the winter this takes a lot of time arranging the following seasons fixtures & fundraising for new equipment. I don’t really have enough time to do it properly but I wish I did. I quite liked gardening before I rediscovered cycling but now no longer have the time.
  4. If you could stock up one thing for a lifetime supply what would that be? Money to enable me to never work again. I don’t like work and never have. And don’t try to tell me that I would miss the social element and that money doesn’t make you happy. I’m not seeking happiness, just to stop needing to work to pay an extortionate mortgage to the bank who put me in the position of not having an inflation adjusted salary rise for that last 7 years. The only thing that would stop me from retiring is missing my favourite part of the working day-the extended ride on a clear, warm summer morning at 05.30 a.m., being a part of the waking day. I’m sure that I could find ways around missing that. Like bikepacking or cycle touring France or the Danube and meeting people there instead of at work for example. I could always train to be a barista and work a machine at a local indie coffee shop for a minimal wage to meet people as well. The ride to work would be marvellously car free.
  5. What is a dessert that everyone has to try? You got me started. I have a closet sweet tooth and spent years denying myself desserts and sweet things to control my weight. It didn’t work but became habit. I don’t generally go for the dessert option these days-the starters always seem to look a better option when I eat out. Mrs B2Ws home made ice cream range is the best ice cream that I have had-brown bread , salted caramel (before it became a “thing”) and the strawberry ice cream all outstanding flavours and a welcome summer treat. If everyone has to try it then our cycle down the Danube looks like it may well happen soon!

Thanks for reading. There aren’t many that I can nominate who have probably been nominated for these things before but here they are:

Rootchopper-quirky tales of a newly retired commuter & occasional bike tourer (he was an amusing read before he retired as well…).

The Sultry Single speeder -quirky and amusing but in different ways. Look out for those tremendous bike bells and hurry up with getting them in stock already!

Like my nominee Jim, don’t feel that you have to accept. I only started it out of boredom in the man ‘flu pit and had it not been for this, the time that it took to write this would have stolen time from something else.

The 1st 3 questions are the same, the remaining 5 questions are however different- not funny nor weird.

  1. What is your earliest memory of riding a bicycle?
  2. If you could choose 3 companions to go with on a cycle tour, who would they be & where would you go?
  3. Who is your favourite author and why?
  4. What will be your next bicycle?
  5. Do you have an interesting ancestor? (come on, we all have one…)

Oh yeah, the link to my best post. I can’t name that-the best post is whatever the reader decides it is…😜

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Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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5 Responses to Gee, thanks Jim

  1. bgddyjim says:

    Feel better fast, brother. Sorry about tapping you for this one, you know I feel the same way. Just wanted to throw some recognition your way. 🚲💪

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