Muddy trails

My plan for todays ride was scuppered by Master 13 being unwell and unable to go to school. So I couldn’t do my usual Park & Ride from the supermarket to home in the morning and then back again in the afternoon. I was also tired having been woken at 3.30 & wandered in and out of consciousness listening to the commentary of the England v NZ test from Auckland.

Errand 6: non store errand

Destination: Around Hatfield Forrest.

Distance: it was 7km/4miles but I forgot to start my Strava again after the gate at the forrest so it says that I only did 5km/3miles.

Rationale & observations: I spent the morning doing Dadmin on the computer before taking master 13 to the GP. We waited 45 minutes for a 10 minute consultation. Once we got back and had a late lunch, I didn’t have time for a big ride so I decided to check out some trails in nearby Hatfield Forrest. I used some of these trails extensively last summer as an alternative route to work from home but stopped in December due to the rain and mud.

After the recent dry weather I thought that a recce of the area was well overdue so I headed out to have a look. It was mostly dry and firm(ish) but other parts, crucial to my route were not.

Muddy hollows until the tree line

There were also a number of ride closures. They do this regularly at this time of year and rotate them to rest areas from over-use. It’s bloody annoying but necessary for people like me to enjoy such a wonderful resource.

Ride closures galore. This one has been closed for 7 months so I’m hopeful of the grand re-opening soon

An overall assessment of the trails is mostly firm but some areas of true bog still. Given the rain forecast for the rest of the week, I think that I’ll wait to use them for work commutes for another couple of weeks….

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Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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