An old favourite

I’m currently liking the upright position on my 29er. With the pot holes around these parts and the amount of water that is falling from the sky at the moment its solidness gives me a sense of security. It suits me mighty fine.

Errand 7: work commute

Destination: Home

Distance: 32.9km/20.4 miles

Rationale & observations: Yesterday, with a bit of time on my hands for the ride home from work, I took a spur of the moment route that I avoid in the winter. It is longer than the usual but on a sunny warm day with a number of good rest stops (read country pubs) is an ideal way to wind down from the work day. In contrast the mornings ride in through 100% of the “90% risk of heavy rain”, I set off in the dry and mild 11°C/52°F & kept my water proofs in the back pack.

I escaped the close pass chaos of town by taking the bumpy, crappily maintained cycle tracks. The country lanes were inevitably pot holed and covered in mud or debris from farm vehicles. I whizzed past the John Barleycorn, at 10km too soon for a stop. It wasn’t warm enough anyway but it was too warm for 3 layers so I unzipped my jacket and sailed towards the Black Horse at White Roding taking a stop on the way to admire the view from where I travelled.

Are those rain clouds?

Hmmmm. Too early in the year to sit outside with a pint watching the world go by? Closed, move on. 2km from home and those rain clouds opened up.

I was soaked. I felt rule #9. I felt fulfilled.

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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