222 (#3)

The forecast was a mild 6°C with a real feel of about the same. Time for shorts again. I didn’t check the forecast and it was drizzling. After 1km I forgot that rain + cold=colder. But it stopped after 4km and my legs felt warmer. It was nice, not for June but definitely bearable for January.

I rode over the M11 & it was empty. I slowed down- a glance to my left revealed the ruby glow of car lights at a standstill in the distance towards Sheering. Traffic had been halted due to a crash southbound. I got to Hallingbury and cars where crawling the 5km into Bishops Stortford. It was the same between there and Harlow and I counted the vehicles as I slowly bypassed the crawl on the rough pavement. 242 in total (250 if you count the loaded car transporter) which is a B2W world record. I also counted those who passed me so the net total was 222. I think that I arrived to work a lot sooner than most this morning.

I feel less smug now knowing that the reason for the closure was a motorcycle rider dying after being dragged under a truck at high speed in a hit and run.

The ride home was dark, colder but dry. I took the shorter route. There was a nice tail breeze and my shins didn’t complain too much. It was good.

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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