Today’s forecast was for mist early, showers mid morning and warming up to a dry 10°C by 5pm. There was no way that I was gonna miss out on riding home in that after the recent cold that had put me off riding to work twice this week. -5°C is not my kind of weather.

I packed a pair of shorts, my autumn gloves and cotton cap for the return journey but set off in 0°C. It was drizzling, NOT misty as the forecast said and it wasn’t long before the lower part of my shins felt wet and cold. After 10km they didn’t feel of anything. Maybe they were frozen-like last week, cold + wet=colder.

On I plodded into the gloom. Feeling toasty on top with my 4 layers, I felt strong so took a detour. Then my bottle cage bolt snapped leaving it flapping and getting in the way of my strokes. My fingers were too cold to unscrew the remaining bolt and I couldn’t be bothered finding the allen key in my saddle bag so flipped it upside down and wedged it under the tool keg cage on the vertical tube which now acted as my remaining bottle holder.

And then my light switches off! I knew that I should’ve given it some more charge last night but felt certain that the thing had enough juice for at least another hour. So I kept it off in the slowly creeping light of the day and switched it on temporarily every time I saw a car approaching in the distance. I was on a quiet back country lane and encountered only 3 cars. Thereafter I kept on the pavement once I hit rush hour traffic to keep out of the way of the clowns who wouldn’t see me even if I had my light on.

The return home did not disappoint. 3 layers on top, shorts and a belly full of coffee (and digestives) I set off in fading daylight with a fully recharged light. I took a longer Friday summer route, again taking country lanes to celebrate the 9°C temperature and gentle tailwind.

Fridays in the summer; this was a perfect route for a sit down and invigorating cold lager at the Black Horse after 20ish km at the end of a long week. Tonight, I wasn’t interested and there was plenty going against the idea. It felt balmy but not that warm, I am broke until pay day and there was my sobriety to consider. Truth be told, I have quickly become used to not having a drink as a lifestyle choice. It was easy. Long may that last.

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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