Boris turns 10,000

We were a day late.

Yesterday I had intentions to ride the 8km to work from the cricket club and then back again after. However my life long fear of the dentist and lack of oral hygiene hijacked me. I woke at 3 a.m. after a broken sleep with intense, nervy pain on the left side of my mouth. By 7, my cheek looked like it had a tennis ball in it and my eye was starting to swell. Despite the anti inflammatories, I also had a headache.

I drove the boys to school and made the embarrassing visit to the dentist who prescribed antibiotics and marched me to the local ED for the oral surgeons to have a look. This was even.more embarrassing as the hospital are also my employers. At least that meant I got VIP treatment although I did have to put up with being called “hamster” and “chipmunk” by a couple of old colleagues.

After 2 hrs, an X-ray, 2 failed cannulations, a shot of steroid and an excision and drainage of the offending abscess from a magnificent dentist who will soon train to be a doctor, I was on my way. No, I wouldn’t need IV antibiotics but I would need to come in again this morning for a check.

I slept fitfully only to be woken by the cat having a chunder on the carpet. This turned out to be the alarm call for me to get up and watch the BlackCaps lose to India in another one-sided match. I went in to be checked out again and everything was fine but I have to get the offending tooth pulled soon. Even though I had called in sick, went in to show my larger than usual face to my colleagues and caught up on some paperwork.

24 hrs of antibiotics and I felt nearly fine. Good enough for a night ride. After dinner, I spent 30min plotting an extended route to the shop to get Boris to 10,000. I ignored my planned routes and just went were he wanted to go which was on the quiet lanes, away from the mud for a change. By the time we got to the shop, we had more or less made it. Here’s to the next 10,000 fella…

Boris. He’s great. Loves the road & loves the mud. He’s just received his 2nd bottom bracket replacement. The cheap chinese one that he came with was kaput after 500km

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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1 Response to Boris turns 10,000

  1. That’s a great accomplishment! My Sookie developed a fatal crack in her aluminum shortly after that same milestone, though she had probably 1,500 mire miles pre Strava. Keep on pedaling!

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