In with the waking day (#11)

It was cold but only 4°C cold this morning and barely a whisper of wind. The mornings are getting lighter but I am leaving 15min later. Again, it was bright enough to switch to the blinkie at the front about half way in to work.

Glorious but my camera does not do it justice.

The sunrise over my left shoulder was glorious in it’s announcement of the coming day. Immediately I had thoughts of prolonged early summer routes to work. There is nothing better than chasing foxes down lanes, startling hares on their early morning forage and being part of the waking day in the countryside. If I win the lottery, this is what I will miss most about working.

Once off the lanes, I encountered the expected trudge of traffic into town. I passed 25 vehicles crawling to the roundabout before nipping down to the river path for more solitude.

Work was busy, engaging if I was to be pushed for an adjective. Usually time flies by when it’s like that but it seemed to drag slowly. Maybe it was because the dog woke all and sundry up with her crying (?cause) in the night and I was short of an hours sleep….again.

The ride home was an achingly boring trudge through the night save for the @®$€hat in his Range rover shooting across a T junction to the pub opposite. It was a dark road and there was no other traffic. He didn’t see me to give way/yield because he wasn’t looking. Because he was holding his phone to his right ear and talking on it. I could’ve gone into his side but I spotted his phone lit up like a Christmas tree and slowed down. I could have followed him and pointed this out to him. I could have waited until he went in and keyed a message on his door, “I USE MY PHONE WHILE I DRIVE MY PENIS EXTENSION”…But I just wanted to get home and I lack the wit to react quickly like this.

Besides, the zest of the morning had departed and my legs didn’t really want to stop. Not that they wanted that ride home in the first instance. They didn’t complain, they just grudgingly went through the motions to keep me moving. To safety, a warm shower and sleep.

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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2 Responses to In with the waking day (#11)

  1. bgddyjim says:

    What is it with people and their expensive cars?! They all have hands-free tech! Unreal.

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