Shorts in February #14 & #15

In the Southern Hemisphere this is a given but in the UK? Unprecedented. For me anyway. Both rides were early and short (in shorts) for early starts. The weather at the moment is great and my kind of winter (5°C and dry). Shorts with my MTB baggies over the top is definitely comfortable, even in this morning’s thick fog.

The forecast over the next week has Spring written all over it-highs of 15°C with cold beginning and end of day. Yep, my kind of February but I am wary of an end of season cold sting in the tail.

The crosser fully commute loaded with phone case, lock and indestructible tyres

I am recovering from managing the Basic Surgical Skills Course. Because I don’t have a GMC number, I am not allowed to be listed as faculty. Even my excellent tech is listed on course material as the course administrator. The fact that I was integral in making it happen doesn’t seem to count. Even the video guides consist of middle aged white men performing procedures. There are no female faces, no BAME and the only Nurse delegate had to fight tooth and nail to get onto the course. The RCS has a long way to go to make itself an inclusive body.

I am pleased to report that our faculty does represent most backgrounds and ethnicity albeit with some British accents. Male and female surgeons of Indian, Pakistani and English descent work harmoniously to deliver great learning for our delegates. So we plan to run our own local course for medical students with scripted video guides using our faculty. This will show how it could be done.

Even so, the course is fun but it is tiring with constantly preparing for sessions ahead of time, rearranging the room during refreshment breaks and generally keeping everyone happy. The first night I spent 2hrs tidying up and prepping for day 2 while the others enjoyed the course dinner.

Caution, the following pictures may gross some people out.

Water tight small bowel anastamosis at the top, E&D of an abscess, bottom right wound debridement

Aorta patch repair & abdominal closure

Laparoscopic training-classic sugar cube stacking. This guy about to break a local course record stacking 7 cubes

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