Spring pays a visit (#16 & #17)

I am in the middle of the dreamiest winter week. The kind that I just have to make the most of before it disappears as quickly as it appeared. Monday I was riding up to school to collect the boys under a clear blue sky, 16°C and fingerless gloves (that’s almost very nearly ideal cycling conditions to my Fahrenheit friends). But I still wore layers. On top, a merino base layer with a thin long sleeve top. It was toasty warm but not too warm.

Fingerless in February

Tuesday morning I prepared for the same on my homeward journey. I packed my shorts, thin long sleeve top and fingerless gloves. In the morning I wore tights, my autumn jacket on top of a base layer and fleece lined long sleeve top. I also wore my cotton cap and autumn wear only when over 5°C gloves.

It was 2°C. My ears told me off but got with the programme after 3km. My fingers complained all the way. I blew warm air into them and scrunched my hands up into fists to avoid the draft getting into them. There was no respite. Like an 11 year old nagging to play on the xBox on a dry summer’s day, they would not shut up. When I got to work the scolded me as they warmed up.

I spilt my morning porridge on my work trousers. I tried to clean it off as best I could but the stain stayed. All day I walked around with a map of Tasmania to the left of my fly feeling like an incontinent old fool. I was the butt of a few jokes between the junior doctors in teaching I am sure. Not so dreamy.

I wore the same as Monday back to the park and ride to collect the boys. It was another delicious sun drenched day. Sweat even dribbled into my eyes it was that mild. The welcome sting of summer.

This morning I prepared with my winter gloves. They worked for about 30 minutes but my fingers still moaned at me when I got to work. Possibly because I took my right hand out to take photos of the foggy sunrise.

Foggy sunrise

The ride home was in a pleasantly mild for 6pm in February: clear sky and no wind wearing a merino base layer and my autumn jacket + shorts again. I am all over this layer thing.

I did have to dodge a few drivers with LFS though (Lazy Finger Syndrome). This is when people fail to dip their lights on country lanes or don’t indicate which way they are turning. They are either indifferent or don’t think that they have to indicate their intentions unless there is another vehicle about. I know what you’re thinking-we all forget sometimes and can be distracted but this evening there seemed to be a peculiar outbreak.

The peculiar outbreak of Spring however has reached it’s peak with temperatures set to slowly fall from tomorrow. But I’ll still be riding.

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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