#18 & #19

Yesterday I dropped the campervan off to the garage after taking the boys to school. It started to sound like a panzer from a Tom Hanks movie last week. Apparently it needs a new exhaust mid section to make it sound more like a leisure vehicle. I rode an uneventful, routine 14km to work at the back end of rush hour. The ride home was later than planned owing to a colleagues disorganisation. By the time that left, I was grumpy and didn’t really fancy it. But a mild tailwind carried me home. I didn’t really find that I had to try much to turn the pedals and flew home even though I got a sprinkle of light rain for a time. During that ride, I broke 1000km for the year, more than this time last year and on target for at least 6000 for 2019. My aim is 8046.72km (or 5000miles). Lets just call it 8050km-it makes it look less desperate.

This morning, my legs were having second thoughts about the journey to work. Too bad for the legs, no alternative transport which was because I wanted to make an early dent into the March distance. I was on auto-pilot during the much travelled route so don’t remember much.

I always feel in a rush when I leave early at work and today was no different. There was no way someone elses unrealistic deadline was going to get in the way of taking an end of week scenic route back to the garage. But I was delayed all the same.

The scenic route was also quite muddy after last night’s rain. Puddles and loose mud littered the byeways and bridal ways. I miss the plasticine like quality of the soil on trails when it has dried in the winter but not yet hard. The mud doesn’t stick to the tyres or the down tube and the ride is much smoother. And the back of the van sheds less mud after a ride.

I left the garage with my first weekly imperial ton banked feeling more campervan than panzer.

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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