#20 & #21

On Monday, I had one of those things that happen from time to time-a near miss. I was on the way home from the school run, entering a roundabout when, on my left, I spotted a silver car approaching. He didn’t slow. Instinctively I did. When I was upon him he looked at me with a most startled look and slammed on the brakes. Because I was anticipating his speed to the stay the same, I nearly went into his back. While he was looking in my direction at the truck entering the roundabout behind me, I was invisible to him. In the sunny daylight. Idiot. Hope he learnt from nearly putting a father of 2 in hospital (or worse). But it doesn’t matter, I’ll continue to ride defensively and treat everyone behind the wheel as brainless. Or blind.

Yesterday I was back in the saddle. It was back to winter with 4 layers and winter gloves. The return was done in shorts, a base layer under the winter jacket with a tailwind, in the sun 7 hours later.

This morning, I was going to ride to an early Ash Wednesday Mass before going on to work but there was rain. So I drove, went to Mass and parked at my park and ride afterwards to continue my journey into work. Father Carlos is slower than Father Peter at the Lent “workers” Mass but he does do a massively impressive cross on the forehead.

“Go in peace, the Mass has ended”. And so had the rain. It was mild at 6°C turning me into a boiling bag of sweat in my water proofs as I plodded through the mud of the trails and back lanes. Again (but in the dark this time) a lovely tailwind kept me company as it nudged me back to the van. I am planning for more of the same tomorrow.

Cold mornings warming to mild afternoon temperatures with unpredictable rain and showers turning the dirt into slippy, slimy muddy mush. Add in the brisk winds and it feels like Spring is definitely here.

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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