Like the beginning of the week, yesterday was cool but dry again. I managed to get to Mass in time for the start and afterwards I rambled the quiet route along bumpy bridleways to work. While there are still muddy puddles, the ground has dried out quickly leaving rutted paths everywhere which does nothing for my speed. The country trails are great in rush hour. There is no rush, no heightened awareness of heavy objects hurtling around me aggressively shaving 10 seconds of the journey time. Just the sound of my thoughts and the wind in my ears.

I stopped to text HQ about a packed lunch in the fridge and was struck by the sound of a woodpecker punctuating the peace with it rhythmic salvos. I realised that the sound of my tyres on the lanes and my breathing drowns out much of what’s around me at this time of morning. Summer will still be full of early starts, longer routes but also a breakfast stop to soak up the sound of the waking day. A new addition to my day.

After the shower, I waked down to the supermarket to get balloons and custard to make abscesses for incision & drainage learning later on. A pock-marked, unkempt man swearing all manner of words approached me. I looked up, he looked very angry and threatened to cut my face. Head down I continued on quickly trying desperately to remember any karate moves that I had seen master11 learn on Tuesday nights. I could always run if he came after me. But he didn’t and I beat myself up for the rest of the day for being scared & not seeing Jesus in his face. A good catholic always feels guilty for not doing the right thing after the event…

The ride home was in falling daylight and I was in one of those moods where I was tired but didn’t want to stop. The cool air brushed the face as the night sky slowly revealed it’s splendour. Once I got onto the Flitch I was reminded of many a bedtime story with the boys as I shared the last 2 miles with an owl calling and a fox on the prowl. Maybe the snake was still in his log pile house.

“A Gruffalo?! What’s a Gruffalo?”

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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