#32 & #33 (or was it?)

It was another Mass early doors yesterday. I made it in record time but only because I had to go fast to heat up. I was still late by a couple of minutes. Afterwards some clown saw me enter a roundabout and should have given way but he sped up to get ahead of me. He must have seen me. I saw him so saved myself and in the process added a couple more £ to the Lent swear jar. Later I realised that I should have thanked the Lord for giving me the awareness to reduce my risk of injury rather than curse at idiots. At least the homeless shelter will get more toothpaste and brushes as a result…

The ride home was into a bitter northerly and I was underdressed with my cotton cap under the lid. The whole way my melon felt like I had eaten a tub of ice cream too fast. Former world hour record holder and local hero, Alex Dowsett posted an interesting thread last week about time trials. In among it he stated, “that last km/mile is going to take forever if you’re aiming for a certain time”. The same concept can be applied this current winter. It is near it’s end but it’s hanging on like an unhinged dictator, oblivious that all is lost. It feels no colder than January but this April is more like a prolonged, nagging dull ache than a sharp sting.

Dowsett also said that,”if you think that the out leg is hard, the return won’t be easy”. Last night felt hard and the forecast this morning was for a real feel of -2°C. I used this wisdom and drove half way and unloaded the bike for the last 9km. I arrived at work with frozen digits, glad that I had heeded he sage words of this grand tourist.

The ride back was another short one but longer, pleasant in the sunshine and warm because I was wrapped in the full winter kit. I can’t really call it a commute because I drove the van back to work for a couple of hours before going to leaving drinks for a guy in the ED who says that he isn’t following the money to the Middle East as such but needs to get away. Sounds like a plan-make money while you go find yourself.

I got to the pub and there was no one in the reserved area. So I spent 30 minutes being Nigel no mates before getting fed up and leaving. Honestly, why don’t people just stick with the start time for these things? Or is that how things are done now? Perhaps I need to get out more.

I will. Tomorrow. On the bike.

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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