You carried what?

Today is our 16th wedding anniversary. I celebrated by having a lie in while Mrs B2W went to work. I was off today with the boys who are on their Easter break so I set myself to do Dad things while they did boy things.

  • I finished fixing the broken heated towel rail brackets to the wall that master11 broke. It wasn’t his fault this time. Whoever put it up had used the top brackets to align the rail to keep it vertically straight adding a pulling pressure. They knew this as they had glued them to the wall as well as screwing them. Fixing someone else’s ‘uck ups always takes longer than initially thought, especially in the DIY dept. I did it properly and filled the holes during the week before getting it finished before brekkie. This makes 2 bathrooms out of 4 that don’t have 1 tool or another in them.
  • I took the dog for a walk in the woods. We back onto a national trail and over that is a National Forest that Henry VIII et al used as a hunting ground (apparently). So I threw sticks to train for Sunday and collected logs and branches for my latest erection (below). In contrast to many in the area, I want our steps to blend with the surrounds and will plant bulbs and woodland plants around them to soften the landscape further.

Steps cut into the bank leading up to the trail. Logs and branches all locally sourced

  • Then I wasted 20 minutes calling various DIY stores for a local wood cutting service. This is for a bathroom en suite surprise for MrsB2W. She has forgotten that she bought me a jigsaw years ago so I can fulfill her new obsession by placing a piece of window board on top of the boxing. I will use the jigsaw to cut slots allowing room for the towel rail pipes.
  • Which brings me to the title. After cutting another couple of steps up the bank, I made lunch and took the boys to the pool for an hours wild inflatable fun. I rode the mile to the DIY store and collected the window board. All 2.1 metres MDF of it. It was slow, awkward and heavy but it was only a mile back to the van and made an excellent close pass deterrent. I think it qualifies more as the WTF did you carry that?! category. I dropped it off at the van and went to Coffee Corner and rode back with a double shot to collect the boys. 1st Errandonnee ride of the season done, 11 more to go.

Category: You carried what?

Distance: 2miles/3.2km

What for: Collecting window board for the bathroom boxing

Not a ride that I would do again in a hurry

  • When we got back, Mrs B2W was back from work preparing for a 6 mile run with the dog. I made fish burgers for dinner before taking master11 to his last indoor pre-season cricket training. I broke the news to him that we have tickets to 2 pre-World Cup matches. We are all more than super excited to see some of the best cricketers on the planet play live.

Today I crushed the Dad things

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Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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