My legs gave me a stern telling off this morning but not because of the riding yesterday. My cricket legs were still cross at me for not stretching after the match on Sunday.

I woke early, loaded up the van, parked at the club and rode the easy way in to work along the river. It was cool but mild enough for the autumn jacket over the short sleeve summer top which covered my merino base layer. For the first time since Spring made a brief appearance in February I was in shorts.

The ride back to the club was sans jacket in 17°C and the sun on my back. I got to the club warmed up for some fielding drills. For the American readers, we don’t use mitts in the field-we catch with 2 hands.

As the old saying goes, “2 hands are safer than 1”. Courtesy of http://www.india.com

There was a guy hitting high catches and someone else hitting short ones. I opted for the high catching group and dropped the 1st 3 that came to me. They were coming down from so high that they nearly had ice on them. The first hit me on the cheek after I broke the fall with my hand. I pretended that it didn’t hurt.

I ended up catching the next 10 so moved to the short catching group. As with the beginning of every preseason training, my hands are sore but at least I now have my eye in.

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Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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