I was woken this morning at stupid o’clock by Mrs B2W re-entering the bedroom after she had been downstairs and silenced the faulty cooker alarm. For some reason, it goes off at random times and the company info does not give much of a clue of how to rectify it. Switching it off at the wall is usually on my mental checklist but last night I was struggling with the back-to-school-the-night-before routine after a marvellous break from it all. Over indulging in beer and wine after Lent probably didn’t help either. The thing about drinking is that I now find it harder to go back to sleep when I am woken so it’s time to go back on the wagon again. I have more to lose than sleep if I don’t and it is now a habit of sorts not to drink.

So after 5 hours sleep, I hauled myself out of bed and planned an extended route from the park and ride in the cool spring air. I’m time pressured this week due to the onset of the junior cricket season and the need to ferry the boys about after work to matches. So my plan is to extend the commute routes as I’ll be missing a couple of rides to work.

Little did I know that the GPS signals for my Strava phone app would be poor. Strava is that is great most of the time for logging rides. But the damned thing also pauses when it loses a GPS signal which this morning lost me ~5km. My average speed was also inflated and apparently I can now max my speed at a shade under 51mph. Sitting upright, on a 16kg 29er (+ change) without even trying.

Move over Cav, I am readyπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

I did a bit of a read and reset my phone location services when I got to work. The ride back this afternoon shows that this worked. I’m now back down to my very average, average speed of 13mph. I wanted longer but wasn’t allowed to escape work any earlier. I always want longer when it’s mild and not windy.

I am aiming >100Km for a 16th week running of which is an ongoing B2W world record. This leaves tomorrow as the only real day that I can make a serious dent in the remaining 70Km. So it’s going to be 2 brutally long legs or 2 totally epic legs. I know which I prefer so it’s time to hit the sack…

About biking2work

Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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  1. ouch on the strava phone app, ive had numerous issues with the app and finally went to a bike computer then kick it to strava and oh my how life has been much better without the use of the app. be safe on those commutes and enjoyed them as you can. have an epic adventure day and thanks for sharing my friend.

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