The weekend was spent running short errands on the 29er to rest my groin & I didn’t feel any twinges. I was a little disappointed not to be selected for the CupXI on Sunday but the younger guys who were, deserved their chance to play after training well and performing consistently at the end of last season.

Imagine my surprise when the captain dropped me a text on Saturday asking me to play after a late drop out. Yes! I eagerly replied only to be informed later that the captain had arranged for another player and that I was no longer required! I was furious and let him have it with both barrels but in a professional way to explain how I had changed my plans to make the match. I have since relinquished the captaincy of my side as I have been treated appallingly one time too many. I doubt that I will play for them again which is a terrible shame after my 16 years at the club.

At least I now had time to clean my crosser, sort out her gears and do the boys’ bikes as well. It was when I was out on an errand later, stopping for a bottle of beer to enjoy the lowering sun that I checked the scores. My side was rolled over for 92 (anything over 200 is respectable) and lost heavily. It is pretty doubtful whether I could have influenced this result had I played.

A bike ride and German pilsner. A perfect Schadenfreude accompaniment

As I watched the peaceful day end, I experienced more than a little pleasure at the thrashing. I haven’t experienced this much Schadenfreude since the silver van who close passed me last week was forced to stop at a red light some 20 seconds later.

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Sometimes bad tempered Dad to 2 sons who break things. Use the 2 wheels to get from A to B when I can
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